18. Talking everything health & wellness, managing health conditions & learning about Neuroendocrine Cancer with Jeannie Buckman


This episode may need a TRIGGR WARNING for anyone that has lost a child due to cancer.

My guest gets real and vulnerable, Jeannie’s 17-year-old daughter, Paris passed away suddenly in July 2021. Paris had a rare cancer called Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET). Part of the proceeds from her business will be donated to Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF). She’s on a mission to spread awareness and improve pediatric diagnostics. Please see the link below for website details on how to donate!


Jeannie is an Exercise Physiologist, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and an entrepreneur.

With over 25 years of experience working in clinical, corporate, and now for herself, Jeannie has helped thousands of women manage their chronic illnesses with a healthy lifestyle.

Her passion is to help busy professional moms feel and look great using simple strategies such as quick healthy recipes, simple and effective workouts, ways to kickstart weight loss, and managing health conditions, with support and accountability.

Checkout ALL of Jeannie’s Links here! She also has a FREEBIE for you as well! Connect with Jeannie

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17. Checking in with you, fear of failure and why I started.


In this episode I share the “WHY” behind this podcast.

What I did after high school and all the MLM’s I’ve tried before I got here.

Never give up on yourself! 

One small step forward and staying consistent towards your dreams and passion will get you to your level of success.

I am your #1 supporter!

YOU GOT THIS! I am cheering for you!  


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16. Taking the guess work outta, what to feed your family for dinner. Marie Fiebach from “Feed Your Family Tonight” joins me to talk about FOOD and how to get your family back around the dinner table!


WHATS FOR DINNER? How many times a day do you catch yourself saying that?

I absolutely loved speaking with this guest. Marie Fiebach gives us all the cool tips and tricks on how she has managed to get dinner on the table and please all the different palettes. 

Do you ever get overwhelmed figuring out what to have for dinner every single day? You are not alone. Marie Fiebach, married mother of four active kids ages 14-19, founded Feed Your Family Tonight to help busy families eat dinner together at home and recapture a little calm in the crazy. She is a business owner, podcaster, and has a regular cooking segment on her local ABC affiliate. Marie knows how hard it is to get dinner on the table whether you are working until 6:00, running kids to after-school activities, or chasing toddlers all day. She has dealt with picky eaters, food allergies, and busy schedules but still manages to feed her family a home-cooked meal almost every night. She wants to help you do the same!

For more info. her website is: Feedyourfamilytonight.com

Listen to her Podcast Ep. 146 she mentioned in the show for more great tips!

Marie is on Facebook and Instagram at- Feed Your Family Tonight

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15. Overcoming challenges, self-confidence, developing personal strengths with the Host of the Confidence and Communication Podcast, Jessica Dumas


In this episode I speak with Jessica Dumas. I absolutely loved our real and raw conversation. Jessica is such an incredible woman and has one incredible story to share with you! She is also a single mama of 3 teen boys! 

Jessica is a professional speaker coach and the host of The Confidence and Communication Podcast. She has been recognized for her professional expertise as a recipient of the Manitoba 150 Women Trailblazer Award from the Nellie McClung Foundation for 2021, Ace Burpees Most Fascinating Manitobans for 2019, the 2017 Future Leaders of Manitoba and the CBC’s Top 40 Manitobans under 40 for 2015. She has a 2017 TEDx talk called The Journey to a Woman’s Identity.

Jessica’s volunteer contributions have gained her wide respect across Manitoba. She has served as Chairperson for both the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and continues to sit on numerous committees and boards at the executive level. She is a powerful role model and advocates for women’s empowerment, leading others to overcome challenges by developing personal strengths, vision, and self-confidence. 

You can connect with Jessica directly on Instagram @jessicadumas01

Speaking Up Program! 

You can find her Podcast on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you listen to your shows! Confidence and Communication with Jessica Dumas

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14. How to seize every precious moment before they become a memory with Bianca Morra, photographic artist, podcast host, mama and educator


I loved this conversation on how important each moment in our daily life can be. Stopping to smell the roses is only a part of it. How often do we really pause and reflect on any given moment? Speaking to Bianca really made me think about how important and precious every moment is. Even the “not so happy” ones. 

Bianca Morra is a Photographic Artist, Host of the “Help Me See” Podcast and Creative Vision Educator. She specializes in intimate, vulnerable conversations that challenges the norm while empowering you to harness your intentional vision for your purposeful one & only life.

Often as busy moms we are almost always BEHIND the camera. Bianca tells us how we can become more engaged and seen in the moments. No matter how big or small.

Check out her social links here: Instagram- @Helpmesee_podcast

Podcast- Help Me See by Bianca Morra        Website : Biancaleamorra.com

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13. Talking with Jen Fiore- Wellness Coach, Gluten-free expert, mom and Author


In this episode I spoke with the incredible Jen Fiore. She is a mama of 3 and wears many “hats.” Her bubbly personality just made me smile throughout the entire conversation. She talks all things gluten-free and how she struggled since she was 8 years old with all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. Just like the rest of us, she spent many years being passed through the conventional medicine system, just to find herself continuing to struggle. Listen to find out the rest of her journey and how she became aware that she had Celiac disease all along. 

She is now gluten-free and are her 3 adult children and loves exploring new recipes. Check out her YouTube channel to see some awesome videos of Jen in her kitchen whipping up some yummy yums!  : )

Jen’s Website: jenfiore.com

Jen’s YouTube channel- Gluten Free and Me

Jen’s Facebook Profile- @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired

Instagram : @jen_fiore_dolifeinspired and @glutenfreesince03

Thank you so, much for joining me! I appreciate you! 

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12.- Overcoming several chronic illnesses and a plant-based diet with Dr. Setare Taabodi


In this episode I speak with the very inspiring Dr. Setare Taabodi. Her name is just as beautiful as she is! She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner at the University of Nevada, and a natural medicine health consultant. After suffering from chronic digestive issues and multiple autoimmune illnesses, she was able to heal herself naturally with nutrition and herbal medicine. Dr. Setare now has her own telemedicine practice where she helps others all over the world reverse their chronic illness and THRIVE! 

Where you can connect with her:  Website: Holistic Medicine Expert Instagram and Tik Tok- @dr.setare.np Connect on LinkedIn: Dr. Setare Taabodi 

Link to the Juicer: Click here

Link for B12 Supplements: Click here

———–> Don’t forget to check out the video of this interview on YouTube Thanks for listening! XOXO Jennie Lynn

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11. Overcoming a life altering condition with Bonnie Sharf Provost


In this episode my beautiful guest talks about her journey of overcoming a life altering illness. 

Bonnie Sharf Provost is a wife and mom of 3 boys, 2 bonus boys and 4 fur babies.  She is a board-certified health and wellness coach who has experienced her own terrifying health challenge when she was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease which caused her legs and feet to become paralyzed and was told there was no cure.  She has since healed herself completely and she is now committed to helping others do the same as she believes that it is within everyone’s power to be able to heal themselves.

You can find her at these links:

YouTube Testimonial

Bonnie’s Personal YouTube Channel

Bonnie’s Website

Check out this link for Bonnie’s FREE WORKSHOP this Sunday!

Bonnie’s Personal Facebook Page

My Webpage : 123Momsquad

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10. Small wins and how do you hold yourself accountable? You got this!


In this episode I talk about how I hold myself accountable and how I get my s*it done! 

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your never ending “to-do” list? I have post-it’s all over the place, so I make sure I get everything done. And boy does it feel good to cross off those suckers, doesn’t it?

Next time you complete a “to-do” I want you to mentally “high-five” yourself! We need to give ourselves a little praise from time to time.


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9. Getting real with you, Tough days and “Mom Guilt”


In this episode I share the crazy day I had and the challenges that life has been throwing at me.

AND MOM GUILT! You guys, it’s a serious thing. I need your help! Please let me know if you think I made the right decision. I’m only human and far from perfect. I would love to know your thoughts on this. 

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