19. What is Functional Medicine? Talking about our teens and how to manage stress with Dr. Andrea Bustamante


In this episode I speak with Dr. Andrea Bustamante.

What is a Functional Medicine Doc anyways?

How can we manage stress? And how challenging it was to have a child at the age of 15!

Andrea is a functional medicine specialist, behavioral health pharmacist, public speaker, and mentor. As the founder of Avena, she has worked with dozens of women and men to transform by decreasing overwhelm, anxiety, balancing mood, increasing energy and focus, and improving nutrition. She does this by diving into the root cause of symptoms and overall health of an individual. She struggled with motherhood, becoming a teenage mom at 15, ADHD, anxiety, and constantly feeling fatigued. She was able to transform her life and is passionate about helping others do the same.


Want to connect with Andrea?

Instagram: dr.andrea.bustamante

Join her Facebook group where she goes live and teaches weekly!

Website: Avenehealth.online

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